Music For Baby

Some parents may think it is weird to communicate with their unborn child, but it is a fact that unborn babies start hearing their mother’s heartbeat and other body noises, also her voice when they are about 15 weeks old.

Scientists have found that an unborn baby; only 6 weeks old reacts to light and by the time it is 10 to 12 weeks old it starts to feel touch, heat, pain, vibration and reacts to these stimuli, the reaction of an unborn baby maybe seen on an ultrasound monitor, if it does not approve of a harsh sound or loud music, it may just turn away. Unborn babies respond to all sorts of stimuli while they are in the womb, they are thus in tune with what is going on in the “outside world.”

A reference from the Scripture also provides evidence that this is true; in Luke 1:41 we read that when Mary greeted Elizabeth, the baby leaped in her cousin sister’s womb and she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

It is suggested therefore that the parents of an unborn child should start communicating with their unborn child as early as possible. It is an interesting fact that babies love music; they will clap their hands and move their bodies with the music. It seems that music is inborn and a very basic part of the human experience- the love of music has been implanted in us by the creator and is a means of feeling jubilant, worshiping and feeling connected to the creator. God has given man the ability to reach Him vocally through singing.

When expectant parents worship God by singing praises unto Him are anointed by the Holy Spirit and bear a child sensitive to the Holy Spirit. The child whose in-utero experience has been marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit may be predisposed to accepting the Light of Christ much earlier than could be expected.

So, expectant mothers must have their minds sanctified before the Lord, this will be the true foundation of a proper education of their unborn child. Each new day beginning with worship and singing and being filling with the Holy Spirit will turn the unborn baby into a person endowed with the Holy Spirit and the power of God. This is the way to bring it about. Time should be taken by expectant parents to listen to and practice singing inspirational music as this will benefit the unborn baby with spiritual and physical health.

The womb is the first world of a child, what he experiences here will definitely have a powerful effect on his life afterwards. If he has had a warm and affectionate in-utero experience he will have received his initial knowledge of the outside world, he will expect it to be a beautiful and loving world, the child will be born with a pre-disposition to self-confidence, and he will be capable of loving and trusting others. Life for him will be easier because of a good womb experience.

God has ways of working with children in their infancy, which we cannot account for; we should remain tuned to God even when they are not yet born, by worshiping Him with inspirational music.


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