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Can I bring my friends and family to watch the session with me?

Friends and family are welcome to come and share in this special occasion, as long as, that makes the new mommy happy, comfortable and relaxed. We have 8 extra chairs in the viewing room, as well as, a big screen TV for guests in the lobby to view the session. We can bring in additional chairs in the room if needed.

Can I do a Peek-a-Boo Package if I’m having multiples?

No, because of the time limitation of only 15 minutes, this is simply not enough time to do a 3D ultrasound 4D ultrasound session for two or more babies.

When should I come do a 3D ultrasound 4D session if I’m having multiples?

The best time to come for multiples is as early as you can. You can start viewing in 3D/4D as early as 24 – 26 weeks. The longer you wait the more chance of the babies being in a position that makes it too difficult to get a good picture.

How early can I come and do a gender check or Debut’ Package?

The earliest you can come and do a gender check or Debut’ Package is 16 weeks. If we are unsure of the gender, we will bring you back for free at a later date!

What if I’m full figured or plus size?

If you are a full figured lady: We recommend waiting until after 28 weeks for a 3D/4D package for optimal scanning of your baby. He/She will have more development; therefore, we will have better clarity and you will see more detail! Although, we try our best for optimal viewing of all our clients, please be advised that if you are full figured (plus size) we cannot guarantee the clarity of your images due to thicker maternal tissue. If you have an average BMI score greater than 40 or are not sure of your BMI score please ask to speak with the Imaging Specialist.

What if I can’t see my baby?

There are several factors that influence the clarity of the images we can obtain. Here are a few examples of factors that are beyond the control of Miracle in the Womb™: Fetal position, maternal tissues, fetal activity, and gestational development. Due to these factors, we are unable to guarantee the clarity of the images we capture. We will give our best attempt to get most optimum photos.

Can I get a discount if I book with someone else?

Yes, if you and a friend are pregnant together you can take advantage of bring-a-friend discount. Schedule your sessions together and you will receive 15% off our Ultimate or Memorabilia package.

I’m anxious, is there any way we can look at the gender before 16 weeks?

We can attempt to look at the gender as early as 14 weeks with our multiple visit Memorabilia package. Gender determination is included with each visit.

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