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Our Services 2D Session (8 weeks +)
Available in Miracle Confirmation, Miracle Debut and Miracle Explore Packages

Good for determining how your pregnancy is progressing. This is a fetal ultrasound, or sonogram, that will produce images of your baby through sound waves. You will also get a good guide about your baby’s growth and development as of now!

3D ultrasound 4D ultrasound Services (16 weeks +)
Available in Peek-A-Boo, Ultimate Miracle and Memorabilia Packages

For a closer and more visual look of your baby, this will create hi-definition images that you can see on a common monitor screen. Through high frequency sound waves, it will develop a lifelike still image of your baby and even a 4D technology that will allow you to see your baby move in real time!

5D ultrasound HDlive™ pregnancy ultrasounds Services    (14+weeks, best pictures 27 + weeks )

The Voluson E8’s dynamic rendering engine technology called HDlive™ services will enhances your baby’s anatomical realism, provides real-world depth perception and can provide your first glimpse of what your baby looks like.

Gender Determination services
Available in all packages except the Miracle Confirmation Package

If you just can’t wait, or want to start decorating, this Miracle Début services is for you! This experience is dedicated solely for the purpose of gender determination. Note: If your baby is not being cooperative and we just can’t determine gender, we’ll schedule you for another day at no additional charge. Please understand that there are limiting factors such as fetal development, maternal tissues, fetal activity, and gestational development may affect the clarity of your images.

Listen to Baby’s Heartbeat
Included in all packages

The sensation of your baby’s heartbeat will melt your heart with love you have never experienced before. Explore this feature to open yourself to another meaning of love. We also offer a a unique pregnancy keepsake, a Heartbeat Bear. The Heartbeat Bear is an adorable stuffed animal with a red heart recorder that records your babies heartbeat. click here to see the Heartbeat Bear

Black & White Photos
Available in Miracle Confirmation, Miracle Debut and Miracle Explore Packages

Great for newcomers who want to have a first-hand experience about seeing their baby pictures through ultrasound. You can have multiple photos any time and you can carry them home with you to relish the memory.

3D Color photos
Available in Peek-A-Boo, Ultimate Miracle and Memorabilia Packages

Are you anxious to know if your baby is going to have dimples? You can be the first to know in your family from these lifelike 3D color photos. This is the closest and most vivid picture you can carry home and show to your loved ones.

Session Photos Classic CD
Available in all packages except the Miracle Confirmation Package

Did you enjoy the session watching your baby’s pictures? Why not carry several pictures from your session in a CD so you can enjoy them in front of your personal monitor or even your TV screen, for as long as you like!(unlimited, we try to save as many images as possible on the CD, not only gender shots but also facial, profile, tiny feet and hands!)

Session Video Classic DVD
Available in Miracle Explore, Ultimate Miracle and Memorabilia Packages

If you got to experience viewing your baby’s 4D live motion picture then you simply can’t resist the choice to take a copy home. You can watch the videos from the DVD at the comfort of your own home and you will find yourself immersed in those images without realizing your time.

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