Cosmetics During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period in a women’s life which is wonderful, yet every woman detests the physical changes that come along with it. Many women get depressed because their beauty regime is completely shattered. No more spa treatments and massages. Pregnant women feel that they look extremely ugly during the nine months of pregnancy, but despite of the huge bumps women can boost up their self esteem and manage to look the best. Here are some tips to welcome your new born with a pretty and much fresher body and face.

  • Dryness often makes the skin look very drab and unattractive, this is because of increased body temperature and shifting hormones, effects of soap may become harsh, it could be replaced with some moisturizing body wash. Drinking plenty of water at least twice the usual dosage, will keep the skin hydrated, this is good for both baby and mother. The amount of food intake does not really matter. What counts are the nutrients which are taken, the right amount of fruits and vegetables is recommended, and these will give the expectant mother a very healthy and beautiful skin and adequate energy. Fatty, spicy and oily food also alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.
  • Taking exercise should not be ignored, this is definitely not the time to sit around doctors and health practitioners all recommend exercise during pregnancy, women must take advice on what sort of exercise program they should follow before they start, because there will be only some particular exercises that will be suitable for pregnant women and their program should be mostly closely monitored by their doctor. Frequent walking or water exercise like swimming can keep blood pressure levels healthy.
  • Varicose veins have a tendency to develop during pregnancy and they look pretty unsightly, to prevent there occurrence, legs should be elevated while resting and elastic support stockings could also be worn, standing for long hours should be avoided as far as possible and legs should not be crossed while sitting down.
  • The feet are the most affected part of the body of an expectant mother, since they tend to get strained because of the added weight. Frequent refreshing pedicures are desirable treatment, saying no to excess salt and processed food will reduce the retention of water in the body this will prevent swollen feet.
  • Hair care means frequent washing, and a light head massage will prevent and alleviate dryness, prenatal vitamins should be taken regularly to keep the roots of the hair strong.
  • Eyes can be soothed and dark circles under the eyes can be reduced or prevented by keeping stress to a minimum, tired eyes can be revived by splashing ice-cold water 15 to 20 times on the face daily, puffy eyes can be cured by steeping two chamomile tea bags cooling and then applying them to the eyes for 5 minutes.
  • Clothes that are worn should be well fitting and comfortable, and also should have allowances for expansion over the 9 month period. Clothes that are being worn should make you feel at ease and confident, shoes should be comfortable and high heels should be avoided, at make their baby feel happy; your baby feel Expectant mothers should look beautiful and all cost. what you feel. So stay happy and be positive and enjoy the best part of your life.

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