Morning Sickness

We live in a society where there are countless sources of news and information coming our way all the time. And while it happens, there is a lot of wrong information or in most cases, misinformation that surfaces our minds.

One such concept, that is often treated as right is of morning sickness in women. Morning sickness is said to occur in more than 80% of pregnant women and is considered quite normal now. If you try exploring the reason why morning sickness happens, there is no particular reason as specified by medical experts too. Some experts and professionals believe that it is one of those natural ways that our bodies learn, to cope with any bad effects on the young one. Through morning sickness, it is believed that the body keeps the mother to-be away from consuming foods that may prove to be harmful or injurious to the unborn baby and to keep the body safe so there are almost zero chances of miscarriages or loss of baby. There is not much problem or disagreement till here.

The main problem comes when people start associating morning sickness with hormonal changes in the body. When a baby is developing inside the womb of a mother, there are massive changes that are happening inside and there are many hormonal changes and imbalances that happen too. In reality however, morning sickness has nothing to do with hormonal changes or imbalances. It is in fact the result of bad eating habits that one may be into.

Although there are few tips which can help you overcome morning sickness and for you to be more productive and active while having it in morning too, which will be discussed shortly, one very important aspect is to stay away from smoking, consuming alcohol or eating too much meat! By making these small changes in your diet and your eating habits, you can really reduce the effect of morning sickness to a great extent.

Now the question that arises is: what should you do when you are experiencing it?

First thing to do is to change your diet from oily, spicy and heavy to light and preferably bland food. Try consuming more vegetables and fruits. When you want to have sandwiches, have cold and very mild flavored one. Prefer cold and healthy sandwiches which use minimum amounts of spices.

The next thing to do is to always have some light snacks around you. Carry popsicles, candies, and healthy snacks such as light sandwiches or whole wheat biscuits etc. The idea behind it is that you should not let yourself stay hungry for long at all. While you do so, also bear in mind not to overeat or stuff yourself too much with excessive snacks. You need to have a very frequent food but that too which does not put strain on your digestion system or body by any means.

Lastly, give yourself good amount of time to get off the bed when it happens. Do not hasten if you do not feel like getting up. Have books, snacks, music collection around you so till the time you get up, you can keep yourself busy and entertained also.

So you see getting over morning sickness is not at all that difficult. You need to clear your mind that hormonal changes cause it. Its natural and it withers away with some effort also.


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