Things To Do Before Birth

A growing belly by the end of the second trimester might make you wonder why it’s taking too long and when will all this come to an end finally. The wait might seem to be too long. But you can make the most of time at hand. Your week-by-week pregnancy guides and regular visits to the hospital or medical centre for pre-natal tests and sonography in your arms may keep you abreast of what is going on inside of you. A whole new being is taking form inside of you and you can’t wait to hold him/her in your arms and bring him/her home. The seemingly long wait can be made easier if you try bonding with your unborn baby from the early stage of his formation.

There are certain ways you can spend quality time with your unborn baby:

  • Most mothers journal to keep record of their various experiences during pregnancies and save them as keepsakes for their children to read later in life. Form the very first butterfly feeling in the tummy to the most latest of kicks, from the first throw-up to the never ending flatulence, they write it all. They keep all the record and the ultrasound images of the baby and preserve them in various manners.
  • Many expectant mothers usually sing and caress their tummy. By the end of the third month of pregnancy a baby can hear you. Babies can get a sense of music during early developmental stages. He/she can figure out the tones of the parents’ voice especially the mothers’. They can begin to learn language in the womb and so you can order your lifestyle in such a way that he/she tries to pick the language the way you want. Caressing can give a sense of reassurance and security to the baby. It arouses a sense of protection and a feeling that he/she is loves and cared for. A baby can make out a fathers’ touch from a mothers’.
  • Meditation can help too in a spiritual way. You may try singing hymns to your babies. It is researched that babies respond to familiar sounds, rhymes and songs. Yoga can release that extra added due to a hectic working routine around the house or at your work place or due to some unforeseen event in the family. Try to keep your cam in every way possible. Relax your mind off all the worries and stresses. After all there is another life inside of you that is soon to come into this world. Try massaging your feet with oil and avoid sauna.
  • Eat healthy and consciously ……. You may have heard it often that a pregnant woman should have a hearty meal and have snacks in-between meals too because she is eating for two. Bearing kids is no easy a job. Most pregnant women don’t eat much in case they gain which they know is an odd deal to shed-off later. But, eating healthy for two can save you all the trouble. Try making smart choices. Take lean meat and get that extra fat chopped off while shopping for meat. Avoid too much red meat, eat lentils and eggs instead. Fresh leafy green vegetables are a good choice because they contain enough vitamin C fiber and water content recommended during pregnancy. Avoid alcohol and drugs during all times through pregnancies. You don’t want to risk your pregnancy with complications. Most of the birth defects are due to careless intake of unnecessary medication which is not prescribed by a physician.
  • Try making your partner getting to draw close to the baby because he might be hesitating to get near you fearing he might be hesitating to get near you fearing he might harm the baby. Let him feel the baby also, taking out sounds and caressing all the while. Baby tends to know that the touch is different from the mothers’ and get to know daddy gradually. His bonding with the baby is equally necessary. Carrying baby to term is every mother’s dream for the survival and health of a developing fetus.
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